Free Beer

Monday March 2

Dan spent most of the day trying to check out of the marina. It’s amazing all the papers as “red tape”. Tomorrow morning we have to wait for the military and their dog to inspect our boat again before we get our Zarpe.

I’ve been using this APP called Paprika 3. It’s a recipe APP, while browsing for recipes you can upload them from websites directly without copy/pasting. I spent the morning searching for boat friendly meals.

Beer bread
15 minute beer pizza dough

I have tried making breads, the heat here is not good for yeast, been storing it in an airtight container in the refrigerator to help. Last time I went through 5 packets to find one that was alive. I proofed them first. So using beer sounds intriguing, the yeast in the beer does the work.

The afternoon I went shopping with boats Ankyrios, and De Novo, Brandi, Dennis and Naomi, It was a long day! We went to Walmart, Home Depot, Sams Club back to Walmart.

After returning to the marina, several boats gathered for happy hour on Saltair3. It was a fun evening.

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