“Fire can not kill a Dragon”

Wednesday March 3

Day 2, still running across the Tehunantepec Bay to escape the “dragon fire wind”. Expect to be at Puerto Angle by 7am, just in front of the gale.

Fishing poles were out, one bite but it took the lure.

We are traveling with Saltair3, Krista and Brad from Vancouver, De Novo, Naomi and Andre from Edmonton and Secret Water, Anne and Chris from California. The 5th boat turned around and went back to Marina Chiapas, they were having an issue with their engine prop. The three boats with us all have children on board, ages around 8-14.

For dinner I made deep dish Beer Pizza Crust pizza, baked it in a cast iron pan. Transferred it to a baking sheet to serve because it wasn’t so hot.

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