Break Time

Thursday March 5

We arrived at Puerto Angel just before sunrise. Waited till the sun was up for better visibility before entering the bay. The area was very small, full of fishing boats and mooring balls. Fishing is the economic base of this town, with tourism second. Papaya trees are abundant on the hillside with palm trees near the beach. It’s also not uncommon to see farm animals wandering around.

We walked around town a bit, bought roasted chicken that came with rice and salsa from a little store front for dinner, then had lunch at a place on the beach. Pulled up anchor early afternoon, continued north.

Dan, Brad and Cole helped local fishermen take their boat out of the water
Where we had lunch

As we sail through the night, Bioluminescence can be seen in our wake, it is light emitted by living things through chemical reactions in their bodies. “Glittering water” can only be seen in oceans.