Wax on

Friday March 6

Passage Day 4- Back at Puerto Angel, De Novo and Secret Water we were traveling with opted not to stop. So it’s us and Saltair3, hours after we pulled up anchor, Dan spoke with them on the radio, they are only 10 miles ahead of us. The other two boats, are sailing on to Zihuatanejo. That will be a destination for us also and maybe Acapulco too.

The water is very choppy today, waves with swells, wind on the nose maxed at 15 knots true. Once we round Punta Maldonoto, the wind will be at a favorable angle, predicted to lighten after dark.

We caught three small tuna today!

The moon is 88% waxing and won’t set till 4:17am, not a good star gazing night. Jupiter is bright in the night sky. More twinkles in the water from Bioluminescence.

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2 thoughts on “Wax on

  1. Well, you sure are getting a lot of geography knowledge on this trip! Zihuatanejo? Who knew that even existed!


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