Acapulco by water

Saturday March 7

Passage Day 5 – there was conversation about a day trip into Acapulco. After further review of the gas dock we opted to just do a drive by, kind of like a “Sunday Drive”. We paraded close to the semi circular beach. Acapulco is a beach resort town, lots of hotels, resorts, water activities and expensive homes.

The moon is 94% waxing, cloudy, still have the bioluminescence in the water. Spring forward!

3 thoughts on “Acapulco by water

  1. I love looking at the bioluminescence in the water. The first time I ever saw it, we had no idea what it was and seemed kinda creepy to us. LOL For how expensive Acapulco is, it’s a bit too crowded for a vacation.


  2. Great pics of the houses built into the cliffs and mountain sides. Looks quite active and congested!


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