Tuesday March 10th

The anchor was up by 7am and we’re off. We buddy boated with Saltair3 for 43 great days! During the summer they have a food truck in Vancouver BC https://www.facebook.com/TriosTruck/ Mac n cheese, you can find them at various events around town. If you’re ever up there in the summer check them out!

Longline fishing is a commercial fishing technique that uses a long line, called the main line, with baited hooks attached to it with smaller lines. We’ve seen several of these the past two months. The longlines are supported with several poles either with black flags or lighted poles for night visibility. It can be an obstacle course trying not to cross over these lines. This morning I noticed several plastic bottles in a row. Realizing it was a longline, then spotted the boat, we went off course to not run over the line. While rounding the little boat, we saw the fishermen were sound asleep.

It’s time to put on some miles and head north. One overnight passage then anchor, about 200 miles.


2 thoughts on “Onward

  1. Fishing must be pretty relaxing to totally fall asleep. I guess with the long lines you just keep it in the water until numerous fish are hooked then pull them in all together. Good income or dinner for weeks…


  2. We just love following your adventure! I always look forward to see where you are/what your cookin-haha/and the sites along the way….happy sailing.


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