Christmas in March

Wednesday March 11

100 days, 4400 miles to Seward, Alaska, that’s averaging 44 miles per day. I know we’re moving fast, we’ve been averaging 110-130 miles per day minimum on overnight passages. There have been long weather delays with too much wind, those Papagayo’s and Tehuantepec’s. Sometimes you have to “stop and smell the roses”, go sightseeing, food shopping and rest.

We arrived at Bara de Navidad marina around 4:30pm. The passage took us 34 hours averaging 6.2 knots. This place is beautiful resort, The Grand Isla Navidad Hotel.

Bara de Navivdad (Christmas sandbar) is a farming and fishing community has a sandbar that arches the beachfront bay.

Tomorrow we will take a water taxi into town to check in with Port Captain. There is also a farmers market every Thursday we hope to find.

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