Oh What a Night…

Friday March 13

We left Bara de Navidad shortly after breakfast and day two of getting pastries from the French Baker.

Bacon and cheese quiche with raspberries, yummy!

During the day we sailed past a replica of the Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria, she was heading south.

The day started with light to moderate winds as predicted. As night fell the winds increased to 22 knots (not as predicted). This amount of wind is generally not an issue for us, except this time. We had the main and staysail deployed. A new sail to our inventory is a NorthSails Code 65 3Di sail with a Harken reflex furling system, was not in use but wound tight, as was the Genoa.

The wind unfurled the code sail. It flogged in the wind so much so it tore in several places, our only option was lower the sail to boat deck. Any maneuver in high winds can be dangerous, the darkness elevated the situation. We did successfully managed to drop the sail and tie it to the boat.

We anchored for the rest of the night at Punta Tehuamixtle also known as Tehua, it’s a traditional fishing village. There’s a great beach and the restaurants are know for their seafood dishes.

5 thoughts on “Oh What a Night…

  1. Glad you were able to get the sails down safely, hopefully Marlene can sew the rips. Beautiful sunset!


  2. Sounds like quite the adventuresome night you guys! Good thing you have that awesome machine Marlene! Glad to hear everything ended up working out! But hey! What an great looking Santa Maria ship!


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