Room to spare

Saturday March 14

Anchor was up by 7:30am, on our way North, going to Puerto Vallarta, it’s a resort town with great beaches, water sports, restaurants and nightlife. 50% of its workforce is in tourist related industries.

Rounding the point at Cabo Corrientes perched on the hill you will see this prominent navigational landmark.

As we entered Bahía de Banderas, we saw whales and several flocks of birds, perhaps the whales were chasing fish to the surface? The bay is an important breeding and birthing ground for humpback whales, and is home to the city of Puerto Vallarta, our next stop.

Arrived at the harbor around 4:30 pm. Approaching the inlet is an 110-foot high structure, El Faro Lighthouse it’s Marina Vallarta’s primary landmark. No longer used as lighthouse, the top of the structure is a circular cocktail lounge. There is a boardwalk surrounding the marina that has shops, hotels and restaurants as well as cruise ship docks.

MEXORC (Mexican Ocean Racing Circuit) Regatta is going on right now March 13-18, hosted by Marina Vallarta. The marina is very full, but thanks to the Harbormaster Pablo Fernandez, he was able to find us a slip for our boat.

We had dinner at a Mexican Seafood restaurant on the boardwalk then stopped for ice cream on our way back to the boat.

3 thoughts on “Room to spare

  1. Wow, I have heard that this city was a great tourist and destination spot. Glad you had an opportunity to visit it!


  2. It all started with a film called The Night of the Iguana with Richard Burton and Ava Gardener. This film started it’s popularity. Had a great time, some 13 years ago.


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