Shrimp anyone?

Sunday March 15

When we woke up this morning there was this crackling sound we heard almost like electrical sparking. Immediately we turned off the electricity then began opening up every compartment in the boat in search of this sound. I posted on a few sailing sites if anyone else has heard this sound at this marina. The answer was a shrimp! Yes, shrimp! Snapping shrimp on the sea floor in the marina, who knew.

The afternoon was spent walking around the marina shops as well as to a marine store not far from here.

Well we finally go up the courage to take a look at the code sail. This is way beyond me fixing it.

Since we purchased this new sail, we’ve been having difficulty getting it to furl or roll up properly. Several exchanges with suggestions were made to our sales rep, none of which worked. Not even sure this sail repairable! It truly makes me sick thinking about the cost of this sail and the lack of customer support from #NorthSails regarding it not furling properly.

7 thoughts on “Shrimp anyone?

  1. Boy that really stinks. I remember what you went through when you ordered that sail. Maybe they can work with you some how. ?? On a better note,,,,, LOL Too funny, not funny about the shrimp. So glad someone was able to tell you what it was before you really tore the boat apart.


  2. That’s not good! I would think North sails would be better!!! How are you guys coping with the coronavirus outbreak? Are they letting you into ports or do you need to quarantine yourselves? Safe travels, fair winds and calm seas,

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  3. We made it to Mexico after most of Central America closed it’s borders. So far ports here are open. Wonder if we’ll be quarantined when we arrive in San Diego?


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