7 Day Passage, Pacific Baja, Part 1 – Cabo San Lucas to Turtle Bay

Saturday March 28 -Day 1

Left Cabo San Lucas at 11:30 am. Sailed past several pristine sandy beaches, not a soul in sight.

For tonight’s dinner, rigatoni with sautéed yellow bell pepper, white onion, mushrooms, zucchini and garlic, tossed in an olive oil, balsamic vinegar and Chardonnay dressing, topped with fresh cherry tomatoes halved and Parmesan cheese.

We sailed through the night. Our watches have been similar to those that Dan and I used. John and I had first watch 6:30pm – 12:30am. At 12:10am I’d turn on the kettle for hot water for Dan and Joy, they had second watch 12:30am – 6:30am. Joy would make coffee for John and I when her shift ended, then down to nap. Daytime we didn’t have a scheduled, but John enjoyed sitting at the helm most of the day.

Sunday March 29 – Day 2

Quite a windy day, saw winds as high as 24 knots true, 29 apparent. This afternoon Dan rigged up a tiller extension, attached it to the wheel with Velcro. You can’t take the small boat racer out of the cruiser.

The fishing poles were out. Funny story, pole one caught a fish flies overboard unbeknownst to us. Pole two starts to run, turns out, Pole two catches the line of pole one, retrieved lost pole, threw small fish attached to pole one back.

We decided to anchor for the night, at sunset, behind Isla Santa Margarita, a nature reserve, restricted island. As we approached the anchorage, we were greeted by at least 100 dolphins, they didn’t come to surf our bow, they were feeding, circling a school of fish. What a sight to see so many! Sorry no photos, the sun had just set it was starting to get dark.

Monday March 30 – Day 3

For breakfast we made mango, banana, pineapple smoothies with yogurt, almond milk and a scoop of protein powder. Yummy, just like home! Anchor up around 10am.

Light house on the south point of Isla Santa Margarita.
Light house on the south point of Isla Santa Margarita.
Lighthouse on the northern point.

We anchored later for the night in Bahía Magdalena, bay protected by unpopulated sandy barrier islands of Isla Magdalena and Isla Santa Margarita, near where fishermen inhabit the remains of an old whaling station.

For dinner we had beef sausage with potatoes, onions and a pepper along with a salad.

The nights have been chilly, we warmed up the cabin by baking banana bread.

Tuesday March 31 – Day 4

Anchor up around 8am. Breakfast was “eat what you want”.

The shoreline on the Pacific side of the Baja has many coastal mountains where the rocks meet the water with no beach.

Sailed past lighthouse at Cabo San Lazaro

When we were at the fuel dock back in Cabo, there were three other sailboats, all heading north, getting diesel too. We left a day or so before them. Today they caught up to us. We had stopped twice since we met them. Now we are four boats traveling together, heading for Turtle Bay. Bumble Bee, Shamaal, and Aldabra, none are “kid boats”. These boats are motor sailing faster than the buddies we had with kids.

Dinner started with guacamole, as it often does. Typically with no left overs.

For dinner we had Ancient grains with salsa and black beans.

Wednesday April 1 – Day 5

We had light winds this morning building as the day progressed to 16 knots true, 19 knots apparent.

We caught a fish today! A 25” Skipjack.

The plan was to sail overnight to Turtle Bay. The other three boats we are tagging along with collectively decided to stop at Bahía Asunción, a fishing village for all kinds of seafood including lobster, abalone, seabass, yellowtail. We are going to follow them. There will be a few days of higher winds coming so we may be there a while. Either location we would be spending a few days. We anchored just after sunset.

This past three days have been chilly with temperatures in the 60’s. With the wind, it feels much colder. During the days and at night we have our full cockpit enclosure down, we’re wearing long pants and foul weather gear at night. Quite a contrast from the Panama and Costa Rica days and nights, but then again we are going north.

Thursday April 2 – Day 6

Hair cut day! I cut Dan’s, Dan cut John’s, John cut Joy’s bangs, Joy trimmed my length! ✂️

Waiting for Larry or is it Tomas? The town is all closed, we are not allowed on shore. Hotel La Playa, a Mc hotel on the beach, can arrange for diesel or provisions to your boat. Larry stopped by the boat, we gave him our trash and a small grocery list. Tomas is Larry’s uncle who owns a restaurant in the town. Asked if we could get a for a menu to order take out for dinner. Larry said he had to work tonight and is unable to deliver to the boat. $227 Pesos, about $11 USD, for 18 eggs, coffee, 1 loaf of bread, 8 apples and a bunch of bananas.


This afternoon’s matinee Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark, with buttered popcorn of course.

For dinner we had fish tacos using our “catch of the day”.

Friday April 3 – Day 7

The anchor was up before 6:30am. Heading for Turtle Bay. The weather may get a bit rough late afternoon, windy, hope to arrive before dark. We can’t get any kind of internet access here at Bahía Asunción. The next good weather window isn’t till Monday. A daytime sail will be ok.

We caught a 29” Skipjack!

Arrived and anchored in Turtle Bay just before 5pm. The wind wasn’t too bad, the last three hours we saw 20 knots of true wind. Prior it was 6-15 knots true.

For lunch we made homemade chicken noodle soup in the pressure cooker, perfect for the chilly weather.

Fish tacos again tonight with our catch of the day. It was so good last night we decided to make it again.

No internet access here also.

6 thoughts on “7 Day Passage, Pacific Baja, Part 1 – Cabo San Lucas to Turtle Bay

  1. So fabulous to follow your journey Marlene and Dan! Brings inspiration and a smile in my heart thinking about you. Safe travels!! Sending love to you both…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, lots of sailing and good eating, congrats on your fishing successes. It was great seeing you on the family Zoom thru Beth’s phone. Glad you are having a fun time! Love you and Happy Easter Week,🐇🐰🐣

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I just read your latest blog during my lunch-I just love all your posts. When I read that you sail through the night, it makes me nervous-haha. I just couldn’t do it-I would die of fright😂
    HAPPY EASTER and safe sailing…..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy Easter to you too Beth. Sailing at night isn’t that bad at night and rough water, we always wear life jackets and are tethered to the boat.


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