3 Day Passage up the Pacific Baja, Part 2- Turtle Bay to Ensenada

Saturday April 4 -Day 8

While anchored at Turtle Bay, the locals will not allow anyone ashore, but will send a Panga to your boat if need supplies or fuel.

Dan and John worked on remounting the AIS antenna as well as replaced the the Main outhaul line. Joy and I did a round of exercises on the bow.

There are 280 nautical miles to Ensenada, it was decided we’re doing two overnight sails, leaving in the morning, should arrive on Tuesday. A reservation was made at a marina there.

For dinner using yesterday’s “catch of the day” we are making (our recipe) “Bahía Tortuga Fish Bake”. Fish, Yam, zucchini, red pepper, onions, garlic and potatoes with a balsamic dressing roasted on the grill in a foil pouch.

In the pressure cooker was made a lentil chili, for dinner tomorrow.

Sunday April 5 – Day 9

Our alarms were set for 5:30am, to get an early start. Joy made fried egg, ham and cheese sandwiches for everyone. A short while later, half of us noticed the time was off, not 6am but 5am. Guess were on “boat time”. Does anybody really know what time it is? It was indeed Daylight savings time in Mexico.

For dinner we had lentil chili we made yesterday along with a homemade loaf of beer bread.

Monday April 6 – Day 10

Joy was seasick last night, she laid on the floor in salon overnight and a good portion of the day. Then munched on saltines, had a little chicken broth, by afternoon she back to Joyful self again!

We have not had cell service in 10 days since we left Cabo San Lucas. I miss not having the connections but don’t miss hearing of all the stressful coronavirus stories. Mexico was late to the social distancing party. Within the first two weeks of March, all of Central America had closed its borders. The last week of March Mexico finally closed down.

Pop tarts and coffee, breakfast of champions!

100 miles from Ensenada, the wind is light only 6 knots true. The fishing pole is out, I’d like something other than another Tuna please. Dan caught a another Skipjack, this one bigger than the second. It got away as he was getting it out of the water.

We attempted to join a zoom family gathering, didn’t seem to work for us maybe because we are in Mexico. I’ll download the app so next time we’ll be there, if we have service of course.

For dinner we had Pumpkin Risotto accompanied by cured meats and cheese.

Tuesday April 7 – Day 11

We arrived at Baja Naval Marina, in Ensenada around 7:30am, we were given a dock assignment days before, we docked the boat ourselves as the office was not open yet.

4 thoughts on “3 Day Passage up the Pacific Baja, Part 2- Turtle Bay to Ensenada

  1. Looks like you’re having a blast!! Enjoy and stay safe. Vermont is on a “Stay Home/Stay Safe” mode but I get out a few days for some of my search work, even though I’m not considered essential. Tell that to the poor homeowner who wants a Home Equity loan to stave off the creditors!!
    Michele Mitchell Todd

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  2. We love hearing about all of your adventures! Seeing (at a distance) the new neighbors more. Lou’s new job is going well. We think it was God’s perfect timing that he changed jobs when he did and is working from home during all this craziness! I’m still working part time at the hospital which is stressful. Chris is working from home in his apartment at Manayunk. Jon’s job at the Rock climbing gym is obviously on hold. company has guaranteed their part-time employees 75% of their typical paycheck! Amazing! Sending you hugs across the miles. 🤗💜

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  3. At least you tried to Zoom. It was good seeing everyone. Glad the kids are using it to keep in touch with each other. Stay Safe and Socially Distant from anyone else not on the boat.

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