On a Mission

Thursday April 16

Departed San Diego mid morning only to drop anchor 13.2 miles away Mariners Basin, Bonita Cove at Mission Bay. We will be doing several short passages passing time waiting for our new dinghy to be ready on Tuesday.

For lunch we had a Costco Cobb Salad shared by 4.

Grilled burgers with roasted vegetables for dinner on the boat.

Hyatt Regency Mission Bay, view from the boat

5 thoughts on “On a Mission

  1. What a joy to follow you on this amazing journey during this insane time. Thank you so much for sharing it…and your newest grandchild!! Sending hugs to you both.

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    1. Hi , I hope you get to go close to Dana point the whales and schools of hundreds of dolphins are within a couple of miles of the shore as it’s really deep close in!
      Cheers Warren

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