Passing Time

April 17-19

Our new dinghy purchased at Trade Wind Inflatables, should be ready Tuesday or Wednesday. We are also having custom fit chaps made for it, this is why there is a delay. Chaps are a sunbrella covering to protect the vinyl from UV rays. We could have made them ourselves but the supplies would have to be ordered and we don’t exactly have a shipping address.

Photo from, ours will be Navy Blue

Friday the 17th we theft the Anchorage at Mission Bay by 8am heading towards Oceanside, arrived around 2:30. The police are not allowing anyone to dock there nor would Camp Pendleton (we called them) allow us to anchor in their empty basin.

Plan B. Going to Dana Point for the night. Boats anchored are required to stay behind the yellow buoys. We were next to the one in the photo. The wind shifted late resulting in that yellow buoy banging on the hull in the middle of the night. More anchor chain was deployed to drift away from it, which later became entangled with the buoy ground tackle.

Saturday the 18th, departed Dana Point in the morning headed to Catalina Island. Unfortunately the island is closed to all visitors. We anchored in Catalina Harbor for the night.

For dinner we made Coleslaw and Fish Cakes from left over grilled Wahoo. Not a fish we caught but we were given raw frozen by Rick and Danielle on Festina lente, who we met in Mexico, we both were at the police dock in San Diego, they departed before us.

Catalina Harbor

Sunday the 19th. This morning we’re heading to Avalon Bay, circumnavigating the Island.


Arrived at Avalon mid afternoon, a call to scthe harbormaster was made, they are not allowing anyone to anchored in the harbor. He however recommended an anchorage 2 mile away.

We dropped anchor here in 70ft of water.

For dinner we made Chicken Cacciatore with Rice. Later watched National Treasure.

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  1. Wow, they’re not making it easy to enjoy the area. It’s the Corona virus, not the Plague or Leprosy. You’ve got Masks !!!

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