Moving on

Monday the 20th- there are gale force winds expected to begin around 3pm today. The anchor was up by 7am, arrived at a marina in Newport Beach by noon.

We walked the beach and logged 5 miles walking today.

Had a Zoom family get together, made chicken fajitas for dinner.

Tuesday the 21st-laundry and provisioning day! The laundry here is free!!! Yes free!!! Everything is getting washed while we’re here. I went shopping along with Dan and John.

We bought this wagon in Mexico it’s been great for food shopping!

We ordered take out pizza from Il Farrio Italian Restaurant, supporting the locals.

Wednesday the 22nd-the local American Legion post next door to the marina, is offering meals for purchase, it’s a drive through. We ordered lunch from them.

Out with the old, in with the new!

Old Apex 11’ dinghy with 15 hp Yamaha motor
New 9’ Highfield dinghy CL 290 HYP-BL, complete with chaps and a new Yamaha 4 stroke 10 hp motor

Grilled hamburgers for dinner with roasted potatoes and watermelon. Tomorrow we plan on leaving Newport Beach for Los Angeles.

3 thoughts on “Moving on

  1. Newport harbor is an incredible yaching center , so many US boatbuilders got their start in that area, is the giant 130’ Disney catamaran still there ? Mast-less, it was used as a filming platform for the Disney light film. Sad end to such a world record breaking boat! Cheers Warren


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