Thursday April 23

At noon we departed Newport Beach, arrived at Long Beach by 5pm. We sailed through a parking lot of tankers and cruise ships.

The green shapes are ships

Two days ago Dan called Los Angeles harbor police regarding anchorage at Cabrillo Beach as that’s what the charts say to do. The dispatcher said just call when you arrive to let us know you’re here, so we did. After an unfriendly conversation with an officer and his supervisor, they said we cannot anchor there, if we did we could get fined and or the boat impounded. Guess their dispatcher should know this! There were also two other sailboats anchored there.

Cabrillo Beach

We eventually anchored by this little island, Island White, which has oil rigs on it. Several mooring balls are available to connect to. There is a cluster of four little oil rig islands.

Island White

For dinner I made Fajita Bowls. Layered rice, shredded chicken with black beans, corn and salsa with garlic and Cumin, cheddar cheese, chopped Romain lettuce, optional extra salsa and sour cream.

2 thoughts on “Cheesy

  1. You need a Lawyer to help you from the local Yacht Club. The harbor police need to be more welcoming.


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