Light it up

Friday April 24

Departed Island White by 9am. The plan is sail out a ways away from all this red tide, as we need to make water.

Grand Princess cruise ship
Los Angeles light
Long Beach Light
Push boat
Largest ship we’ve seen, Cosco Italy, 1201 ft long, beam 171 ft.

By 5pm we arrived at our destination, Redondo Beach.

Sunset “On the Rocks”

For dinner Joy made pasta in Alfredo sauce with sautéed vegetables and chicken sausage.

As we’re sitting in the cockpit after dinner, at anchor, we saw a few boats go by with what looked like lights underneath them. Then we realized it was bioluminescence! The best we’ve seen! The water literally sparkled, when fish swam by they were streaks of light. Dan swirled a deck pole in the water. (be sure to listen to the conversation.) 😃

11 thoughts on “Light it up

  1. Lived three blocks up from the beach when I was in 1st and 2nd grade. Up the hill. I guess you still can not go ashore to walk.

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    1. Only stayed one night, didn’t go ashore, but we’ll keep that in mind if we pass by again.

      I’m not flying home to see the baby, the new parents requested we don’t come because of the pandemic. Understandable.


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