Tails for the Win!

Saturday April 25th – we spent the entire day in the fog. Yes real fog, with little to no wind, as we traveled 59 miles from Redondo Beach to the Channel Islands, Smugglers Cove, the fog lifted as we arrived. Going to anchor here for the night. Tomorrow we’re off to Santa Barbara. Where we’ll wait for a weather window.

Smugglers Cove

For dinner I made Southwest Chipotle Pasta with shredded chicken. One pot meals are the best!

Wind… we’ve experienced a few named wind events on our journey, the Papagayo, the Tehuantepecs, and now just north of Los Angeles is Point Conception, the Cape Horn of the Pacific. There is no specific name for these winds, it’s a combination of wind, waves and current with the islands and mountains, creating a Venturi effect. There is potential for abrupt change in strong north winds while rounding the point.

Sunday April 26th left the island by 7am, arrived in Santa Barbara by noon. Along the way we saw several whales. Finally captured a photo of a tail! We were about 1/4 mile from them.

Santa Barbara harbor
Santa Barbara harbor

Joy and I purchased Alaskan Halibut from a local fish market on the waterfront. we grilled it along with bell peppers for dinner.

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