All Clean

Friday May 1-laundry day. We gathered our clothes and towels loaded them in the bags placed them in our wagon, it’s about 3/4 mile walk from our boat to Marina laundromat. Accessible to only to those at the marina. Our gate card gives access. Well, the laundry room was closed for repairs😒. Went back to the boat, tied the wagon to dock, and will try again tomorrow.

Birds of Paradise are just about everywhere

For dinner we ordered take out from Sushi Go Go which is next to the marina.

Saturday May 2– the local fishermen were selling fish and shellfish this morning on the dock.

We purchased 3.5 lbs of Spotted Prawns for dinner from Bruce. $20 per pound.

Joy cleaned and cooked them up!

Second attempt at laundry, still closed. Joy and I walked 2.6 miles round trip to a laundromat.

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