Sweet rail gang

Sunday May 3- was a very productive day. We sanded the rails on Trance. At one point during the day we left the marina out into the bay and sanded, we were creating lots of dust in the slip.

Monday May 4- teak sealing day!

Before, the Cetol was chipping off.
So pretty! Bare teak, no more orange Cetol varnish, going to use teak sealer.
After 2 coats of Semco teak sealer, Honeytone

For dinner I made Loaded Baked Sweet Potatoes. It’s a baked sweet potatoes topped with a black bean, corn, tomato sauce and spices mixture topped with shredded cheese.

4 thoughts on “Sweet rail gang

  1. All the work to sand, stain and seal the wood paid off, looks great!
    I never would have thought to put that topping combination on sweet potatoes, will have to try it!


  2. Hey! Finally a dinner I would eat. Aren’t I terrible?! I would finally lose weight if I was with you because I just don’t care for seafood or fish of any kind. Sorry!! They all look interesting, just not for me. Never could. Never would. LOL


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