Whale of a time

Tuesday May 12- We spent the night at the gas dock at the Monterey Marina, as we arrived after hours that’s where they put us. We were serenaded all night long by Sea Lions. All night long!

We are the sailboat at the end of this dock.
Sea Lions were all over the break wall entrance.
Sea Lions “rafting

Our destination is Santa Cruz, the other side of Monterey Bay. It was a pleasant 4 hour sail. Along the way we encountered more Sea Lions, Dolphins and several Whales.

22 seconds of whales

At the entrance to Santa Cruz, on the break water stands the Walton Lighthouse.

Joys sister lives a half hour north of Santa Cruz. She along with her daughter Elise came down to the boat this afternoon. Joy and John went home with them for the night.

Wednesday May 13- Joy and John picked us late morning, for a drive up the coast. We stopped for lunch at the Davenport Roadhouse, take out only. It was a bit misty in the afternoon, and all the beaches were closed the scenery was great! We drove through a grove of Redwoods on our way to Jills house.

We stopped at a local organic vegetable market.

Lovely fruits we purchased!

Jill and Steve made pizza with homemade crust and made chicken wings for dinner.

4 thoughts on “Whale of a time

  1. AWE!! What a neat thing Beth did for you! You must have been very surprised. Enjoy your posts and especially pictures and your meals. Keep on keeping on!!!!!
    Love, Carol and Gary


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