Last 2 Days in Santa Cruz

Thursday May 14- the majority of the day was spent on boat jobs. Joy and I scraped and sanded the little wood trim on the port side of the boat. Later Dan and I added teak sealer.

Dan and John installed wheels on the dinghy. The wheels, when flipped down, give you a mechanical advantage when getting the dinghy out of the water on to a beach.

Later we took the dingy across the channel to Crows Nest restaurant for take out.

Friday May 15- Dan went up the mast today to re-run the halyard for “Cody” our Code 65 sail. Hopefully we’ll get the repaired sail back from North Sails next week.

Back in Mexico we lost out Thistle Class Flag, attached to our flag halyard, in high winds. Joy had a new one sent to us. In the afternoon, we had a Thistle flag raising ceremony complete with “Scotland the Brave”.

Dinner was ordered again from Crows Nest, Joys family joined us too. Elise will be sailing with us to San Francisco tomorrow.

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