Crew change

Sunday May 17

Scrambled eggs were on the menu for breakfast today and Spam, thanks Sue and Al, bet you thought we wouldn’t eat it.

Charlie joined us too! He’s Joys friend she met at a J24 regatta last year in Mexico. Charlie let us use his house to shower and borrow his truck when we were in San Diego. (while he was in San Francisco).

Our friends, fellow Thistle sailors, John and Joy arrived on Trance March 19, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Today May 18, in San Francisco, CA, they departed Trance after a wonderful 60 day journey with us. Sisters of Another Mother!

It was boat cleaning day, along with trying to figure out why the engine wasn’t charging the batteries. Upon investigation, Dan found a broken blue wire under the alternator. After a splice, the charging voltage was back up to 14.2vdc.

Rick arrived around 8:30pm last night after flying into San Francisco, tried to Uber, but it got cancelled, ended up on the BART, then another Uber to the marina.

5 thoughts on “Crew change

  1. Spam is good for you, keeps your blood pressure up and keeps you warm at night. Don’t forget to try sweet and sour Spam, its an Island favorite. Paid attention close attention to the alternator fix, I’ll log that into memory. Stay safe!

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  2. Joy & John, Thanks for being with Dan & Marlene and keeping them Safe. You were Welcomed Company.

    Marlene, let us know who Rick is?


  3. Hi, I was updating my neighbor about your journey and his eyes lit up, he use to own an Island Packer and went on numerous long voyages. Are you needing an additional crewman when you leave Hawaii and head west? If so he is interested in being a candidate.


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