Waiting again

Monday May 18- It rained a bit last night, the morning was still misty. A brilliant rainbow, shining over John Henry High School which is located next to the marina.

The view from our boat

Laundry day. There are two laundromats at the marina, one is close to the boat, the second is on the other side of the basin. Each facility has two washers and two dryers. I gathered up four loads of whites, darks, sheets, towels. We pack a cooler, bringing drinks and snacks along with lawn chairs all in our wagon. I load up the first machine all is well, the second was unplugged. Credit card operated machines, no coins. Also one of the dryers was not working. Rick stayed at laundry #1, Dan and I walked to #2. Same issue there, only one of each machine working. We both did two loads at each place. Dan feed the geese while waiting.

While I was waiting, I played trivia on Zoom with family.

Blue dot is where the boat is, black X’s marks laundry #1 and #2

From our boat, it’s 0.4 miles to laundry #1 and 0.8 miles to laundry #2. The walkway is part of the San Francisco Bay Trail, a planned 500 mile walking, biking trail around the entire Bay.

Tuesday May 19- boat project day. Both of heads on the boat have been having issues. The aft one, Dan and Rick rebuilt the pump, we ordered a kit from West Marina for the bow head, tomorrow’s project.

Raritan head pump

The wind is quite strong off the California coast, we may be here a while. Unless we decide to crawl up the coast with short passages. We’re checking the wind often.

For dinner I made pasta with sautéed zucchini, yellow squash, red onion and garlic with a can of diced tomatoes for the sauce.

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