Soup of the day

Wednesday May 20- walking day. 4.3 miles round trip to West Marine to get parts we ordered yesterday. On the way back I stopped in a Burger King asked if I could buy 2 tomatoes from them. After much discussion I walked out with 2 sliced whole tomatoes for $2.00. Only because we have a couple ripe avocados and thought I’d make some guacamole tonight. Thanks BK. (The closest food stores is over three miles away.)

Dinner. We often try to support the locals. We did take out at place called Assemble. They are located on the pier next to where the ferries are, in an industrial park where an old Ford manufacturing plant once operated. On our walk there we passed their garden. It is on the corner of a vacant field.

We all got clam chowder with sourdough bread, Dan and Rick also had a hamburger, we shared a pint of homemade vanilla ice cream too. Also purchased a produce bag.

We stopped at employee picnic tables and had dinner.

Thursday May 21- teak scrapping day. The cockpit wood was scrapped and sealed. Cetol is a varnish, Semco is a teak sealer. Love the Semco so much better!

Dinner was leftover soup with a salad made in part from the produce bag purchase.

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