Bodega Bay

Sunday May 24- We left The anchorage by sunrise as wind was predicted to increase in the afternoon.

Another lighthouse we passed, Point Reyes Lighthouse

Arrived at Bodega Bay by 12:30pm. Alfred Hitchcock filmed The Birds here as well as parts in San Francisco.

Sea lion on our dock!
Dedicated to fishermen lost
Crab pots
Jambalaya for dinner!

Monday May 25- Memorial Day

Another lazy day waiting for calmer wind.

I made a ham and cheese quiche for breakfast.

Dan stripped the Cetol off the companion way, added teak sealer. Rick did laundry.

In the afternoon I baked lemon brownies topped with a lemon glaze.

Grilled hamburgers for dinner, picnic on the boat.

Tuesday May 26- while in Central America, we put insulation blankets inside to cover the refrigerator and freezer compartments.

It works great at keeping the cold in, with the exception of produce, which always seems to slide into the cold plate and freeze or gets lost for days till it’s no longer good.

I had this great idea! I placed all the refrigerated produce in mesh bags, place them on top of the insulation, creating a sort of “crisper” for longer last vegetables, as well as it’s easier to remove them all when going into the refrigerator.

We did take out for lunch from the Spud Point Crab Company. We all ordered a crab or shrimp salad sandwich as well as their World Famous Clam Chowder with a loaf of local Sourdough bread that we saved for dinner.

Marina drama. A local fisherman has a dog, a brown and white pointer named Rusty. Almost a daily occurrence, Rusty jumps from the boat into the water chasing the sea lions, only to have his owner run up and down the dock yelling “Rusty, get over here”! The first time we saw this we were quite concerned the dog would drown. Dan and I lowered the dinghy and Dan went after the dog. Turns out Rusty is a very good swimmer.

Wednesday May 27- laundry day. i baked another quiche for breakfast, the pie shells came in a 2 pack. This one was Ham, Swiss Cheese, Scallions and Broccolini.

Also from the galley today, blueberry squares. It was use them or lose them kind of day, like when you “have to” bake banana bread.

4 thoughts on “Bodega Bay

  1. Everything you made looks delicious!
    Nice job teaking the doorframe Dan.
    Dogs automatically doggy paddle, would have been more concerned the SeaLions would bite him and trying to pull him into your dingy could have popped it with his nails.
    Have fun, love you!


  2. Today would have been the start of our trip to Paris and the Viking River Boat Cruise to Normandy. It’s now planned for next year. Hopefully, the Covid Vaccine with be here.


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