Thursday May 28- at 5am, we left Bodega Bay, heading north to Arena. It’s 48 degrees and foggy with less than 1/4 mile visibility.

The fog remained with us the entire day, winds were much less than predicted. We decided not to stop, just keep going.

Rick taught me how to tie a serpentine knot, made a bracelet and a zipper pull.

Our entire day has been in the fog.

We anchored at Shelter Cove mid afternoon, will stay here till Saturday. Big winds out there today and tomorrow.

Friday May 29– This is our view.

Had left over Jambalaya for dinner, I added a Creole sauce to add to it.

Saturday May 30- 6 months ago we started this journey.

6am the anchor is up. We had a visitor come up with the anchor, took his photo then we put it back in the ocean. She was about 6” in length end to end.

It will be a damp rainy day!

sv Forever and Ever was anchored near us yesterday, he is sailing by himself with his dog, they’re from Canada. He attempted to round Cape Mendocino but Coast Guard advised him not to. Today we are traveling north together. It’s a dreary gray rainy day, we plan on pushing it through the night and possibly do 4 nights all the way to Puget Sound if our weather window holds.

3 thoughts on “Onward

  1. Hi, following along on your ais ( you must be TRANCE IP420?). Looks like good progress even with head winds! If you stop in Astoria say hi to Teal on Sv basik , “ fat looking white catamaran ‘ lovely people , they heading further south soon (YT channel on board life).
    Enjoy warren M.


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