Bodega Bay to almost O’ Canada

Sunday May 31- yesterday was the finale of the 2019-2020 Panama Posse. Joining is a really great deal! Discounts at participating marinas in Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, as well as with sponsor vendors. Not to mention all the wonderful people we’ve met and friends we’ve made! Awards were given in specific categories, we won the “Speedy Gonzales” award, sailing from Maryland to Oregon in 6 months!

The winds and waves built as the morning progressed, 24 knots true, 30 knots apparent. Around 1 pm we tucked in this cove at Point Orford, Oregon. The air was very fragrant with the smell of Pine trees! We paused for the winds to calm before rounding Cape Blanco.

Dan and Rick both took naps, I baked banana bread. Joy, I got vetoed on the banana scones, next time I won’t ask.

We stayed there for 9 hours, then headed north. It was a nice break from the 24 knots of wind and waves going against the current. The first hour out was a bit rough but when we rounded Cape Blanco, as predicted, the wind calmed down. Which is always a good thing for sailing through the night.

Monday June 1– Sand dunes and pine trees line the Oregon coast with miles of beaches. Photo below is near William M. Tugman State Park.

Heceta Head Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast (above) Heceta Head Lighthouse (below)

We were dodging crab pots all day, the wind and waves made it more difficult. The crab pots have two buoys on them, one on the trap, the other egg shaped that’s attached to the float.

We ran over one and the engine made a grinding sound then it went away. Dan said there was a vibration he was feeling from the engine. Newport, Oregon was the closest marina, 8 hours away.

Tuesday June 2- We entered the harbor at Newport, Oregon 2am, tied up at South Beach Fuel Dock for the night. In the morning, owner Gary Cole, did not charge us for staying there, we did however top off the fuel tank.

Gary recommended a local diver to look at our prop. Ben’s Diving Service. He arrived in about an hour. Look what he found! Cost us $60 plus he removed barnacles from a couple thruhulls as well checked out the prop, and zincs, all was well!

We departed Newport 10:30 am.

Yaquina Bay Bridge

Just north of the Newport jetty stands the Yaquina Head Lighthouse.

Wednesday June 3- another day of big winds, waves and dodging crab pots. This morning we were 100 miles from the Salish Sea, that separates Washington State from Canada. We thought about tucking in somewhere, but decided to just go for it. By 10pm the wind will calm down a bit which gives a nice weather window towards Seattle.

Passed by a couple lighthouses, really weren’t close enough for good photos.

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse
North Head Lighthouse

The winds increased as the day progressed, the forecast changed, by night fall we had 25 knots of wind, 30 knots apparent, with waves bashing over the bow. The sky was dark as rain storm approached. This lasted for about two hours, then the wind calmed till morning.

Thursday June 4- continuing our path to the Salish Sea to Port Angeles Boat Haven Marina.

Cape Flattery Lighthouse at the entrance to the sea. To the left Canada, to the right Washington State.

Port Angeles Boat Haven

Pasta with a meat vegetable sauce for dinner.

6 thoughts on “Bodega Bay to almost O’ Canada

  1. Congrats on your Speedy Gonzales award! Why are we not surprised? Looks like some interesting sailing you have been up to. Those crab pots can be a problem!! Love all the lighthouses!! Quite the experiences you have been having! Stay well and safe! Marlene, your meals are amazing!!
    Love, Carol and Gary


    1. Thanks Carol and Gary! I love cooking on the boat, most meals are “invented” using what we have. We’re here in the Seattle area waiting for Canada to open up, destination Juneau, Alaska. I


  2. Most enjoyable update. Your voyage is amazing and inspirational. 

    Regards, Gil

    c: 215.620.1723


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