Puget Sound

Monday June 8- departed Point Townsend by noon at low tide, so we could “ride” with current down Puget Sound on our way to Des Moines City Marina.

Point No Point Lighthouse


Alki Point Lighthouse

We arrived at Des Moines City marina by 10:30pm. We had a reservation and received our dock assignment early this morning.

Tuesday June 9- rain day, or should I say rain delay. Back in Richmond, California, 3 weeks ago, at a restaurant we also purchased a produce bag. In it was a stack of 6 inch tortillas. They’re not very fresh right now, so I’m turning them into baked chips. I brushed them with a mixture of oil and lime juice with Cumin and Chili powder.

Wednesday June 10- Rick left this morning, took an Uber to airport will arrive in a Philly mid evening. We departed Des Moines by 9:30am after fueling up. Riding the current up to Seattle. Our destination is Shilshole Marina to have some engine work done.

We did a “drive by” of downtown Seattle.

West Point Lighthouse (below)

Statue of Leif Ericson, next to the marina.

Thursday June 11- the fresh water/ antifreeze pump on the engine is leaking. This is the pump that supplies antifreeze coolant to the engine. Dan noticed antifreeze in the oil drip pan after changing the oil at Port Townsend on Monday and a squeaking sound indicating a bad bearing. Several phone calls were made to Marine and Industrial repair businesses for the availability of a repair person as well as parts. We opted to replace the pump.

13 second video

7 thoughts on “Puget Sound

  1. Great images of Seattle. The way you handle the technical problems is always efficient and effective. And the food stories make it seem like we are there with you sharing these wonderful experiences.


  2. Good move replacing the internal water pump. You can jury rig all sorts if you loose the raw water impeller pump with a spare bilge pump or faucet water pump in a pinch but not with the internal pump. You should be good for many years now, they don’t go often so nobody every thinks about them. On cars they have a weep hole so the mechanic knows the seals/bearing are failing.
    Hope you get to walk around downtown Seattle it’s fun and the steep hills are unexpected! Cheers Warren


    1. Thanks Warren. We did not go into Seattle, we were staying further south. Most places are still closed anyway as well lots of protesting continuing.
      Dan had noticed antifreeze in the drip pan, but now it was worse.


  3. Just got the link and am getting caught up to speed on your travels! Love reading your blog and seeing the fantastic pictures you are taking. Will continue to follow ! Kerry & Carissa. (Larry’s brother in law)


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