Friday June 12- were off to Anacortes, departed Shilshole at 6am. It’s a cold damp rainy day here in the Puget Sound as we motor with no wind.

Burrows Island Lighthouse

We arrived at Cap Sante Marina in Anacortes, WA at 4:00pm. After settling in we walked around the marina.

These statues are near the Marina.

Trash/recycle cans around the marina are all designed to look like vintage cans of salmon.

For dinner we ordered takeout from Anthony’s Cabana. We both had salmon fish fry, so good!

Saturday June 13- provision and laundry day. 5 miles of walking today, to SeaBear, three trips to the grocery store (one for food, second for beverages, third for ice cream), and laundry. It was very productive day.

8 thoughts on “Anacortes

  1. That is a great picture of TRANCE! Didn’t realize the size!! Sounds like your weather is typical for that area of the country. Some really great posts you are sending. Thanks! Continue to stay safe and well!
    Best regards, Carol and Gary


  2. Sure was a busy day for you guys! How cold was it? It looks like Dan is wearing winter gloves. Yikes!


  3. Okay. Ignore my response. I was forgetting you’re in Washington, where it can get pretty damp and chilly. Hot chocolate anyone? LOL


    1. Haha, it’s great weather for March as we’re in the middle of June. Good thing we left in the winter and still have all our warm clothes with us!


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