More Historic Juneau

Monday June 29- We walked to the Ace Hardware store this morning, picked up a water filter for our water maker. As well as pipe insulation for a few of the sweating water lines.

Exploring more of Historic Downtown Juneau.

Tuesday June 30- Dan is running a marathon in Alaska! Not a sanctioned race, they were all cancelled, he’s running the distance. The boat was his “ water station”.

Dan finished his marathon, took a tumble at mile 17, but still pushed to finish!

Wednesday July 1- explored more of Historic Downtown Juneau today, a 6 mile walk. Lots of Ravens, sounds of car tires with studs on, and the smell of Lilacs almost in full bloom.

Arrived back at the boat and Dan took a long nap. It was 70 degrees and sunny here today, a nice break from the gray skies and rain. There was measurable rainfall here in Juneau 29 out of the 30 days in June.

16 thoughts on “More Historic Juneau

  1. Dan, OUCH! You took a heck of a fall, is that from hitting the pavement or something else? Concussion material! Glad you got some rest…
    Some interesting siteseeing in Juneau, bet those Salmon tacos were delicious!


    1. From hitting the pavement, he rolled instead braking his fall with his hands, didn’t want to hurt his shoulder. Looks better today, the eye is open and vision is good. The salmon tacos were delicious !


      1. Glad it’s better today, it looked pretty nasty. Enjoy your time in Alaska!


  2. Oh Dan! Even seeing the pic from your fall a 2nd time, it’s still makes me cringe. I feel so bad for you! Paul & I agreed….. 5 hrs 8 min is an awesome run. But,,,,,,, we wouldn’t be able to do the 8 min, let alone the 5 hrs. Especially after our ‘COVID 19’! LOL LOL Hope you are healing quickly & don’t have any issues from that nasty fall.


    1. The time had several stops, back to the boat, at stores to buy food and water, not representative of a true race, but he did the distance. The eye looks much better today, it’s open and vision is good.


      1. So sorry Dan, I know you were looking forward to running these marathons officially with all the fanfare and hype. Probably not the same when you run the miles alone…


  3. Glad your okay Dan! Looks pretty nasty!! But you did it!!! Juneau looks very interesting. Looks like beautiful weather!! Enjoy!! Happy July 4th!!
    Carol and Gary


  4. Sorry to hear about the marathon..but that’s awesome you still got the miles in!! Ouch for the eye!! But you look great as a pirate!! Salmon tacos look amazing!!


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