New Crew!

The city of Juneau is there because of gold. In 1880 two prospectors, Richard Harris and Joe Juneau, guided by Tlingit Chief Kowee, struck gold at the mouth of Gold Creek. During the next sixty years, Juneau produced $150 million of gold, $7 billion today! Gold, Silver, Lead, Zinc as well other minerals are still mined today. The top five industries in Alaska are oil, tourism, fishing, mining and timber.

Thursday July 2- We left the Intermediate Dock in Juneau mid morning headed to Auke Bay Marina, the other side, north of downtown Juneau. Cruising down Stephens Passage, passed this super yacht along the way, Googled it’s name, she’s owned by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Bravo Eugenia, it’s 357 feet long.

We arrived around 4:30 pm there were several Eagles flying around, one landed on top of our mast.

Shortly after arriving we left to do laundry. We went to Squires Laundry and Showers near the marina. Super expensive $3.50 for reg washer $6.50 super washer, dryers are $0.25 per minute.

Ordered takeout from Red Spruce restaurant near the laundromat. We both had delicious salmon burgers.

Friday July 3- boat interior cleaning day, food shopping day. New crew, Craig Smith arrival day!

Saturday July 4- Happy 4th of July!

Craig rented a car for a few days, first stop, Mendenhall Glacier, hiked a few of the trails there.

Afterwards we drove around Downtown Juneau, stopped at Tracy’s Crab Shack for lunch. we all had the sampler, Crab bisque, 4 mini crab cakes and a King Crab leg.

Later we hiked up Preservation Trail just shy of the Mt Juneau Trailhead.

Preservation Trail, we hiked about 2 miles, out and back.

No fireworks here tonight. The Juneau Assembly voted against an ordinance to authorized the Fourth of July fireworks show and mandated the use of face coverings during the show. The ordinance didn’t pass, no fireworks show.

Sunday July 5- pretty much a lazy day, we drove around a few back roads till the road ended. You can’t get to Juneau by car, only air and sea. The rental car was returned, a few items picked up at grocery store, that we forgot.

Monday July 6- Happy Birthday to Me!

A couple loads of laundry done, before we leave Juneau tomorrow. Planned our next routes and anchorage locations.

Dan and Craig made dinner. A boat favorite on this trip Creamy Tuscan Chicken with SunDried Tomatoes over egg noodles.

18 thoughts on “New Crew!

  1. Hi Craig, Enjoy your time on Trance! Will you be flying home from Hawaii?Jim

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


  2. I didn’t see a photo of you with your Juneau Marathon Medal. It was at City Hall !!! On your way to Anchorage? Go to Humpy’s Great Alaskan Alehouse and get me another pint Glass. How about Kodiak Island and all their Bears? We just watched a photographer on Disney+ get 10′ to a 400 lb female, talking to it to get it to turn around. What a NUT !!


  3. Some magnificent pictures here! Sorry you are dealing with all the COVID ‘stuff’ during your trip!! That truly sucks!! But, you still have some amazing sites along the way!


  4. Nice little yaht owned by the Cowboys owner, looks like he could fit the entire team and their families on it🛥
    Exciting to see the eagle perch on your sailboat🦅
    Love the couples picture of the 2 of you 💑


    1. It was probably the largest private yacht we’ve seen. I wonder if he was aboard. When we arrived at Auke Bay, we were greeted by at least a dozen Eagles flying around.


  5. Marlene, great pictures. When you get home you can be a photographer. And seeing the dinner Dan made he can be a chef. Looks like you are living your dream. Love you, Sheila


  6. I just love following you on your journey…your meals always look so delicious…amazing you can prepare such good looking meals on a boat with limited grocery stores, etc.


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