Sitka to Wrangell

Tuesday July 21- we left Sitka around noon traveled about 43 miles to Still Harbor. For two days we will be in the North Pacific Ocean, out of the protection of the Inside Passage. The winds were light, less than 7 knots.

Rockwell lighthouse – it’s a vacation rental property!

The anchor was dropped around 7:30pm in Still Harbor. For dinner I made Creamy Chicken and pasta with roasted red peppers.

After dinner I baked a banana bread, mostly to warm up the boat. In Sitka we purchased a bag of a dozen ripe bananas just for bread.

Wednesday July 22- anchor up by 8:30am. The sky is blue today! As we cruise south along the rocky Alaskan coast we passed more than two dozen vessels trolling the waters for fish.

Craig serenaded the whales to come play to no avail.(17 seconds)

By 5pm we dropped anchor in Egg Harbor.

For dinner I made pasta with a sausage in the sauce. Extra sauce was made so tomorrow I’ll add kidney beans and spices and make it chili. You may think it odd, chili in July but temperature here is in mid 50’s, 40’s at night, on the water.

Thursday July 23- departed Egg Harbor by 8:30am. Destination Totem Bay.

More whales today!

Whale (10 seconds)

Friday July 24- anchor up before 8am, quite a foggy morning.

We arrived in Wrangell around 2pm, have a spot tied to the long dock.

10 thoughts on “Sitka to Wrangell

  1. You are quite the cook, in addition to being quite the sailor, navigator, tachtician, photographer, writer, etc. Amazing skill set.
    BTW, are all the whales a potential danger? (I know you were “whale bumped” several nights ago)


  2. My son and I met you and your daughter at the cooking class in Hamden. I am enjoying reading your “journals” of your sailing through the Inland Passage of Alaska.Your pictures and diary reminds me of my trips to Alaska in 1966 and 1969 via a camper and the Alaska Ferry System. In those days and now during the pandemic I see there are no cruise ships, no crowds, no lines. Enjoy having the beauty of Alaska all to your self.


    1. Hi Carol! That cooking class has been very helpful! The upside of the pandemic is very few people up here, the downside, many places are closed. It’s still been wonderful! Thanks for following along our journey.


  3. Love reading about your adventures & seeing so many beautiful photos. Brings back fond memories of taking the girls to Alaska after high school & renting an RV in Anchorage. Camped in many remote back country places (don’t know whether they still allow that). Highlight was a halibut fishing charter out of Homer — the only other passenger was seasick & the girls caught most of the big ones — best & most expensive fish we ever ate! Captain had Judy pilot the boat back to harbor. I think he was surprised that this NYS family w teenage daughters & full foul weather gear were OK after all! We never made it as far south as you have been, but are thoroughly enjoying your narrative.


    1. Thanks Pat! Your trip sounds wonderful! Such a great family adventure. If not for this pandemic, our kids would have joined us along the way.


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