Friday July 24- We arrived in Wrangell around 2pm, have a spot tied to the long dock.

Wrangell was founded by Russians, is one of the oldest non-Native settlements in Alaska. It is the only community in Alaska that was governed by 4 nations, Tlingit Nation, Russia, Britain, and the United States.

1861 to 1898, Wrangell played a role in the major gold rushes: the Stikine River, Cassiar and Klondike Gold Rushes. These gold rushes transformed this small community to an activity filled center for miners with warehouses, hotels, dance halls, saloons, equipment and food stores as well as the first of many churches in Alaska.

My. Dewey Trail, 1/4 mile one way, 300 ft rise boardwalk trail ending at platform overlooking Wrangell and the Zimovia Strait.

Shakes Island where Chief Shakes Trial House is located, accessible by a boardwalk. Several Totems have been removed from their upright position for safety, will soon be replicated.

Fro dinner we stopped at Zak’s for Haddock and Shrimp with fries.

Saturday July 25- a 6 mile walking day. Petroglyph Beach State Park, at low tide one can see some of the best surviving examples of native artists in southeast Alaska. This beach has the highest concentration of petroglyphs, rock carvings.

Totem Park, tucked away in a garden behind some trees, stand several totems left to rot naturally.

For dinner we ordered takeout from the Strikine Inn and Restaurant.

Our plan is leave here by 7am tomorrow to catch a favorable current.

7 thoughts on “Wrangell

  1. Will there be a post about the tsunami warning? From what I read, seek deep (180ft) water asap.


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