New Crew

Monday August 10- Happy Birthday Rachael (and Andrea)! Trance was hauled out of the water this morning. We wanted to check the area where the whale hit us before we cross the Pacific Ocean.

Dan’s brother Larry arrived today, he’s sailing with us to Hawaii. As soon as the repair job is complete, we’ll be on our way. So for now it’s hotel time, as they won’t let us stay on the boat, or in the yard after hours. We’re staying at a really cute Bed and Breakfast The Nantucket Inn, here in Anacortes. If you’re ever in the area overnight and need a place to stay, we would highly recommend it. For dinner we went next door to Bob’s Chowder Bar.

Tuesday August 11- another trip to the dentist for me, third time since February. Once in Costa Rica again in Mexico, nothing too serious, this Dentist thinks I may have a broken nerve or the tooth is slightly cracked below the gum line. He said eventually it will need to come out, but it still has life to it now. It’s not painful, just pressure. Funny, 3 dentists, 3 different opinions. 5.2 miles walking.

The insurance adjuster stopped by today, he’ll come back tomorrow as the yard here is going to grind away at the fiberglass so they can see the extent of the damage. Pizza for dinner.

Wednesday August 12- on a side note, I’m learning to make sourdough bread! My first “starter” failed, so I’m trying again. The Sourdough Schoolhouse periodically offers a free Zoom workshop, it’s live with prerecorded videos. This morning I watched. Access to today’s videos will be available for 30 days which is a good thing. I’ve never attempted sourdough bread making.

Meanwhile back at the boat, Dan and Larry installed the new Iridium Go with Predict Wind. I walked to the boat after my class, then to West Marine to get a part they needed to complete the installation.

Progress on the fiberglass

For dinner we went back to Bobs for more clam chowder. Bob came outside to chat with us. Nice guy, the food is great! 5.9 miles walking.

Thursday August 13- laundry day, still waiting for fiberglass work to be finished. The goal is to be back in the water by Friday.


For dinner we did takeout from Ciao Bella. Great Italian food, huge portions! Good thing we walked 4.9 miles, to burn those calories.

9 thoughts on “New Crew

  1. As always, I enjoyed reading of the latest adventure. Boy, you really do get a lot of walking in…I am glad Trance is repaired before you set sail across the Pacific. I am assuming the next stop is Hawaii?? How long do you anticipate that will take? I guess there is no stopping to anchor once you start? You can tell I know NOTHING about sailing, etc. As I said before, your meals are better than what we cook here,- lol. Safe sailing!!


    1. Thanks Beth, Yes we do walk a lot! We plan on going to Eureka, CA to provision for the big trip to Hawaii. There’s a Costco there too! You are correct, there will be no place to anchor, but there is a maneuver called heaving to, it’s a way of slowing a sailboat, by adjusting the helm and sail positions so that the boat stops and does not have to be steered.


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