Anacortes to Westhaven

Friday August 14- shopping for a week, then by 2:30pm we were in the water!

We dropped anchor at 7:30pm in Bayloy bay on Lopez Island.

Saturday August 15- anchor up by 7:30am.

Race Rock Lighthouse, Canada

By 8:40pm we dropped anchor at Neah Bay, Washington.

Sunday August 16- 10am anchor up. We’re doing an overnight passage today, Larry’s first of many. I’ll take the first shift, Dan and Larry will do the second together. Destination is Ocean Shores, Westhaven Cove Boat Basin. Over 20 knots of wind with rolling swells and waves, 15-20 degree heel, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner. I have my limits!

The Milky-way and a sky full of stars!

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