Destination Eureka

Monday August 17- we arrived at Westport Marina around 10am.

Westport, Washington is a cozy beach town located at the mouth of Grays Harbor off the Pacific Ocean. The Marina District is a working marina where you can watch fishing boats come and go, as well as purchase fresh local seafood on and near the docks.

For dinner we did takeout from Merinos seafood. We all had fish and chips. It was by far the best we’ve had! Dan and I had Salmon, Larry had Cod.

We departed Westport 1am as we need to put some miles behind us before bigger winds arrive on Saturday near Eureka.

Tuesday August 18- the day started with light winds on the nose then shifted northwest. We had both the code 65 and spinnaker deployed at different times during the day.

After the winds died down the engine wouldn’t start. The problem was diagnosed as a faulty starter relay. Dan was able to start the engine, by-passing the relay. A new relay was ordered, shipping it to a marina we’ll be going to.

Larry and Dan

We anchored for the night on the south side of point, Cape Lookout State Park, Oregon.

For dinner I made pasta and chicken with sautéed peppers, onions and mushrooms on the side. Larry is a picky eater, doesn’t like many vegetables.

Wednesday August 19- anchor up by 8:00am, heading south to Coos Bay, another overnight. I get the 7pm-11pm shift, followed by Dan 11pm to 3am, Larry 3am to 7am. We don’t use a schedule for daytime.

It was foggy the majority of the day, with the wind on the nose. As night approached, the fog lifted revealing gray skies.

For dinner I made rice with turkey, no vegetables.

Thursday August 20- change of plans, the bar* at Coos Bay has a restrictions today due to wind and waves. So we’ll anchor for the night at Point Orford.

Port Orford is a small, artistic, fishing town in the Southern Oregon. It is the most westerly city in the continental U.S.

By 3pm we had dropped anchor.

From a house on the cliff, we were sent via social media two photos of our boat. Thanks!

The sky was very overcast, with low clouds. At sunset we could see the sun shining on mountains across the bay, but couldn’t see the sun.

For dinner I baked homemade pizza, notice the 1/3 without vegetables, that’s for Larry!

Friday August 21- pancakes for breakfast.

Followed by whales for morning entertainment! There were at least two of them.

For dinner I made tuna noodle casserole, Debbi’s (Larry’s wife)recipe without the chips, somebody ate them all.

Sliver of a sunset, in rolls the fog again

The fog lifted for several hours revealing The Milky Way and a sky full of stars! Then gently rolled back in.

*bar refers to sand bar at the entrance to Coos Bay.

16 thoughts on “Destination Eureka

  1. Hi…I’m the girl Rick has talked about when he sailed with you. Looks like you guys are enjoying quite an experience…sailing the world! Nice to follow you…


  2. Started following you when John and Joy got onboard. I am John’s sister in law. Have loved all your commentary and pictures. I love to cook and eat so like seeing what you make every day.


  3. Quite the journey you are having. Love following all of it and your commentary, Marlene. Safe sailing! Your cooking never fails to amaze me!!! Take care! You are so accommodating!!!


  4. Dan….visited Nockamixon today, having left 22 years ago. Craig T. filled me in on your cruise. What a journey! Stay safe, and fair winds…Warren I, J-22 HAWK.


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