Saturday August 22- we arrive at 10am in the fog, dodging small fishing boats and kayaks in the channel.

Eureka is a port city in Northern California established in 1850, as a transportation and supply center for the Gold Rush. Today, the entire city is a state historic landmark. The Old Town district features elaborate Victorian houses. Nearby Sequoia Park is home to massive old redwood trees.

Several boat projects on list today. First up change the engine oil and both fuel filters.

For me, a little canvas repair. The top of the Bimini, where one of the structural poles run through, had a hole in it caused by wear. With a three inch wide piece of sunbrella, the width of the Bimini, doubled over raw edged folded to center, it was sewed seam down across the width along the pole line.

While I was sewing the Bimini, the window was accidentally step on, as is was spread across the floor, and cracked. Fortunately I had extra Regalite vinyl window material that was used on the cockpit enclosure. I also replaced the other window in the Bimini as it was yellowed and you could see out of it.

Another project completed, well at least one side is done. Flaps added to the first panel of the enclosure for ropes to go through. Previously all the lines ran under the the panel. Hopefully this will add a little bit more protection from water spray and cold air. Our enclosure was designed for the fabric to be held out with Velcro attached to the lifelines to give room for operating the wenches.

Late afternoon, Dan and Larry did laundry, I finished up other little canvas repairs and baked banana bread.

Monday August 24- second canvas panel flaps completed today, as well as resewing several seams on windshield canvas.

Dan replaced the starter relay, Larry washed sheets.

We attended a family, Dan’s siblings and three kids, zoom meeting, great seeing everyone.

For dinner I made Shepherds Pie, without vegetables.

Tuesday August 25- today is our 41st Wedding Anniversary!

Provision day, it’s exhausting! Costco, Walmart, Ulta, WinCo Foods and North Coast co-op. There was place for everything on the boat!

Tomorrow morning bright and early we will be departing Eureka, sailing to Hawaii! The journey is approximately 2300 miles, should take us 2-3 weeks. There is no cell service in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Blog posts will continue when we arrive. Here’s to fair winds and smooth sailing!

26 thoughts on “Eureka!

  1. Gail said her veil was like yours. We will celebrate 42 this Sept. Safe sail you three ……….._/)


  2. Love how self sufficient and adaptable you guys are, even to Larry’s limited diet. Glad you finished all the projects and shopping for the long trip. Enjoy the sail!
    Happy Anniversary with many more exciting adventures together!
    Love ya,


  3. Happy belated anniversary, have a safe and fun time to Hawaii. We will be following you. After seeing the trunk of your rental car, it’s no wonder why you didn’t use your wagon!! Love you guys. Sheila


  4. Enjoy the Sail.
    Shepherd’s Pie without Veggies? Potatoes and Ground Beef? WOW.
    Marlene, when you’re back home you can work part-time for Sale Clubs. They would love your Quick Service.


  5. Our best wishes to all of you for happy and safe sailing on the long leg to Hawaii. We will be thinking of you and look forward to hearing of your next adventures.


  6. Wow, you three have been busy. Thanks God your handy to do all that is needed. I would love to see a pic of all the supplies after a shopping trip.
    Congrat’s to Dan & Marlene on their anniversary. Thanks so much for the blogg. Love, Good Wishes & God Bless. Aunt Helen said bless you three!


    1. Thanks Ginger and Aunt Helen! Photos from food shopping were added on an edit, they may not show up if you read the post from the email link. Rather go to the blog to without using the link.


  7. Another excellent and informative post. You are truly a “jack of, and master, of all trades”. That is required in your current endeavor. You folks also eat well! Be safe and have fun, Gil


  8. I forgot to mention, “We Wish Both of You a Wonderful Anniversary”! (We are approaching number 54!)


  9. We wish you the best sailing and weather as you make this long leg! Belated Happy Anniversary! Don’t know how one provisions for two weeks!! As mentioned you are all jacks of all trades!!! We’ll be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts and energy your way! Safe sailing on this remarkable adventure. One of many!!!


  10. This is for Larry, it’s Dean Thomas and when you get to Hawaii look us up, even if we are still under quarantine orders we’d love to see you and you crew. Aloha, Dean

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dean, Sorry, I thought you were still in culinary school in Calif. Hope you passed the course! We sailed from Eureka CA to Lahaina, Maui in 13.5 days, plus prep time to satisfy quarantine here. We will sail over to Oahu in 1-2 weeks and spend another 2 weeks there. I’ll fly back either space-A or United. Brother, Dan and Marlene plan to sail south and complete around the world in the next year and a half. My phone won’t restart. I’ll see what Verizon here can do. In the meantime you can email me at Hope to get together. Currently, Oahu has no Interisland quarantine.


  11. I just saw this message,but I did get to comment on your fb page. I guess ugly winter read this till you reach Hawaii. Continued prayers for safe & heathy travels to you all!! Can’t wait to hear from you again!!!! btw Marlene; our gowns were sooooo similar. LOL 😘


  12. I just saw this message,but I did get to comment on your fb page. I guess you won’t read this till you reach Hawaii. Continued prayers for safe & heathy travels to you all!! Can’t wait to hear from you again!!!! btw Marlene; our gowns were sooooo similar. LOL 😘


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