Aloha!- Life at Sea for 13.5 Days

Wednesday August 26- Day 1 6:15am PST we’re off to Hawaii! Crossing the Pacific Ocean!

The winds were brisk and waves high, as were cruising 9-12 knots speed over ground with 25-32 knots of true wind.

We reached across the fire breathing dragon!

Late afternoon a loud thud was heard, our D400 wind generator fell off the boat. The weld failed. We also have solar panels to charge the batteries. A bolt that holds a diagonal bar on the Bimini fell off, Dan replaced it. With big waves and wind items below fell, even when we thought everything was secure. Other casualty’s of the day, one plastic stemless wine glass, one plastic drinking glass and one ceramic coffee mug.

186 miles traveled this day. Max speed over ground 14.0kn, surfing down a wave, 33.4kn Max True wind speed

Thursday August, 27- Day 2 breakfast Cinnamon French Toast Casserole

Nautical Miles traveled, 180.


Friday August 28 Day 3- overnight the winds shifted more north which was a good thing! Down to 18kn of breeze sailing 8.5 knots speed over ground.

Saturday August 29, Day 4- Happy Anniversary Beth & Kevin!

Sunday August 30, Day 5- Trip time 98.27 hours, Distance 749.2nm, Ave speed 7.7 kn, Ave miles per day 184.5, Trip max speed 14kn.


Monday August 31, Day 6- a few calls were made via satellite phone to try to get another D400 wind generator as well as the mounting bracket that failed at the weld.

After 6 days on starboard tack, we jibed.

We’re being followed by 2 Wedge-tailed Shearwater birds. We named then Viper and Maverick. They flew along side us, soaring between waves like fighter pilots flying through a canyon.

Jambalaya for dinner, Larry actually ate one pepper slice as well as the diced tomatoes!

Tuesday September 1, Day 7- this morning we jibed back to starboard, set the pole to wing and wing the sails. Course heading 220, straight to Maui 1019 miles to go!

Leftover jambalaya in a wrap for dinner.

Averaging 180 miles per day, however the next couple days will have lighter winds so our average will go down.

Wednesday September 2, Day 8- after a night of several rain squalls, it was nice to see the sun in the morning. The Code 65 sail was deployed then the halyard broke, into the water she went. Dan and Larry pulled her back aboard, attached it to the spinnaker halyard, it was up flying again. Back in March, actually since we purchased the sail, we had issues with this sail not furling properly. Today the top won’t unfurl! Such a high maintenance sail!

Just before dinner Cody (code 65 sail) was furled in for the night.

For dinner we had potatoes sliced thin sautéed with bacon bits and cheddar cheese.

Maverick and Viper haven’t been seen in more than a day, they must be on a secret mission. We also have a new follower a white bird, resembling the white tail tropic birds we saw on Isla Isabel in Mexico, named him Iceman.

An hour before sunset, at 8:05pm boat time, Maverick and Viper reappeared!

Thursday September 3, Day 9- Happy Anniversary Ben and Rachael!

Sunrise 8:39am boat time (PST) at 11:00am today, we switched to Hawaii time UTC-10, it’s 8am again! 6 hours behind EST.

For dinner I made pasta with chicken in a spicy olive oil sauce.

Each day has become routine, eat, nap,watch, sleep.

Friday September 4, Day 10- Trip time 221.3 hours, Distance, 1563.0 nm, Ave speed 7.1 kn, Ave. miles per day 173.7 nm, Trip max speed 14kn

Cajun Rice for dinner with apple crisp for dessert.

2 hours of a sky full of stars with the Milky Way, then the moon rose, 93% waxing, lit the sky.

Saturday September 5, Day 11- 490 nautical miles to go! Water temperature 80.7 F

Sunday September 6, Day 12- lazy Sunday, the majority of the day was spent reading by all. I’m reading Nine Perfect Strangers by Laine Mariarty, Larry is reading Foxcatcher by Mark Schultz and Dan has been reading The Long Way by Bernard Moitessier.

Very cloudy sunset today, as there are scattered rain squalls about.

Monday September 7, Day 13– Labor Day, we all finished reading our books today.

Tuesday September 8, Day 14- we arrived in Hawaii this morning, 13 days, 12 hours, 2233 nautical miles, ave. speed 6.9 knots! Our quarantine was satisfied during the passage. All counties in Hawaii have a 14 day quarantine, Interisland travel also, except traveling to O’ahu from other Hawaiian islands.

The banyan tree in Lahaina, Maui was planted on April 24, 1873, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the arrival of the first American Protestant mission. It is the largest tree in the United States. It covers 1.94 acres, stands 60 ft tall and has rooted into 16 major trunks.

36 thoughts on “Aloha!- Life at Sea for 13.5 Days

  1. Thanks for such a great journal. Ken and I probably sat on that same bench under the tree. You all made great time. Congrats!!!! How long will you be in Hawaii? Keep us posted. Love all of you. Sheila


    1. Hi Sheila! We don’t have any plans, one day at a time. Will go to Oahu at some point. Lahaina is another “ghost town” with most stores not open.


  2. Their use to be a small hotel next to the tree & resturant with great food.
    I think Moose McGillcuddy’s should be
    near you too. It has been years since we were there all might have changed.


  3. Great images and narrative. You and your crew handle the unexpected issues that arise quite well. A long time at sea. Your voyage is inspirational to all of us boating folks.


  4. So good to see your smiling faces!!! What a journey!! And quite an eventful one at that. Amazing how you take the malfunctions and breakages in your stride!! You are all to be commended. And, Marlene, you didn’t run out of food!! You are quite the organizer. Enjoy your time on Maui! Looks beautiful. Thanks for keeping us all updated on your amazing journey!!!
    Carol and Gary


  5. So excited that you stopped in Lahaina, that was one of our favorite trips we took with Bruce and Jayme Fritzges. And it was a special treat to see the Marina building still looks the same! Congrats on your amazing journey and safe arrival in Maui!


  6. So glad you got there safely. Enjoy this time to relax for the next leg, whenever that starts. How many bags of jerky are left of the original 17?


  7. Quite the adventure. Glad you had backups on your gear. I’m impressed by your food prep. I was watching the movie “Adrift” two nights ago and thinking of you. I am impressed by your sense of adventure. Stay safe!


  8. Great comminatory.. congrats on your journey.. keep up the good work and keep us posted.. thanks again!!


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