Wednesday September 9,

Maui is the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands. Major industry is tourism, primary agricultural products are corn ,seeds, coffee, macadamia nuts, papaya, flowers and fresh pineapple. Haleakalā is 10,023ft high dormant volcano, last erupted over 500 years ago, one of the world’s largest volcanic craters. At the crest of the volcano sits The Haleakala Observatory, not open to the public, is an astronomical research and development facility, free from light pollution, offers observation of satellites, missiles, man-made orbital debris, and astronomical objects.

We took a short 3 mile walk around Lahaina this afternoon, stopped for a Dole Whip (soft serve dairy-free frozen dessert) along the way. I had a cup of lemonade and pineapple, Dan had a cup of Raspberry, Larry had a Chocolate Cheesecake and Macadamia Nut in a waffle cone.

For tonight’s dinner, fresh caught Mahi-mahi with yellow rice!

Thursday September 10, laundry day…a 2.5 mile round trip walk mid morning, 7 washing machines $36.00, 6 dryers $15.00, lunch at Bubba Gumps on the way back to the boat. Wheeled our wagon full of clean laundry in bags, right in next to our table. Had lunch outside on the patio, we were the only ones there.

Looking to rent a car for the weekend to tour around Maui. We called Enterprise, cause they “pick you up”. What a run around! The girl on the phone said we had to quarantine for 14 days before we could rent a car. Her manager did admit their policy is geared for arrivals via airplane, but he would have to clear it with his manager if they would rent us a car. We told them both we have proof of our journey, they have yet to call back. Meanwhile we acquired a vehicle from a competitor.


Friday September 11, Happy Birthday Kevin!

The boat was moved to a different slip this morning. The one we were in was really for loading and unloading, we were there for three days. It was an interesting process, we backed in-between two other sailboats, where one end of each boat is attached to individual mooring balls, the other end to the dock. There are no finger docks between boats. It’s Mediterranean style docking.

With a rented car from Lahaina Auto Rentals, we stopped for lunch at Tante’s Fishmarket Restaurant & Bar, sat outside, only ones there, sitting outside. Also came to check out the Marina here too. During lunch, the manager from the Lahaina Marina called, apparently the two boats we parked in between complained, so now we’re going back to our spot on the temporary dock. We liked it better there anyway.

After lunch we drove through Mākena State Park, with it’s beautiful beaches.

Nearby we also drove on a paved road through a lava field on Cape Kinau.


For dinner we went to the Lahaina Yacht Club. Because we are staying in the Marina, we have “privileges” there. Drinks and dessert is what we had.

We didn’t move the boat back as the space was occupied by another sailboat. We called the Marina manager, we’ll see what happens tomorrow. It appears to be a foreign vessel and may be violating Hawaii quarantine laws, as well docking without authorization, no one was on the boat when we stopped by.

11 thoughts on “Maui

  1. Are any of the plantations open?
    Wow unreal empty due to covid.
    How is the weather? How is covid there?


  2. Where are the Locals? How do the Restaurants stay open just for the 3 of you? Where are the other 2 sailboats from? Why were they complaining? I guess the Maui Island Bus Tour companies aren’t open either !!!


    1. Haven’t seen many people in general. The two others boats are from here. One was complaining because she thought the boats were too close. No yours are operating.


  3. Unprecedented times for sure! Interesting story about the boat jockeying back and forth between docks!. Must seem strange to be in a very popular area and have it be basically deserted!.. The scenery is beautiful. Incredible flowers! Enjoy your time there!
    Carol and Gary


    1. Thanks! We’ve encountered deserted towns since March when we were in Mexico. It’s sad, especially seeing all shops that are out of business.


  4. My neighbor John Eikenbury use to own an Island Packer sailboat and went back and forth from Florida to the BVI and US Islands yearly. He was interested in seeing your blog, how do I add him to the route list? When you determine where you are going after Larry leaves, if you need a 3rd crewman to head further west, he may be interested. Terry


  5. We have good memories of Maui! Jim was sent there on business in 1967 (he started up a brewery with Taylor Instruments on Oahu) and I didn’t pass up the chance to join him after. Spent most of our time on Maui, remember Lahaina (banyan tree & pineapple sherbet), hiking thru Haleakala crater (spectacular experience) and circumnavigating the island in our rental car which was forbidden (the roads were pretty dicey in places back then) but we made it. Love reading your adventures!!


    1. Thanks Pat! The road is still pretty dicey! There is still a section on the eastern part of the island that is still a dirt road. Our rental car company also said not to drive it.


    2. Glad it brought back good memories! As I read your comment, I was thinking we did that too, but I hadn’t published that post yet! Here’s to more memories in photos!


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