Leis to Lambs

Tuesday September 22, boat project morning. Dan went up to the top of the mast to rethread the halyard for the code 65 sail that broke. After lunch, we went to the beach!

Pizza for dinner, local establishment not homemade.

Waikiki Beach

Wednesday September 23, laundry day.

*Sourdough Notes*- as we will be at a marina for a while, I’m working on getting my “starter” going. The dehydrated one I purchased on Maui. Today is day 1.

Beach Day!

Thursday September 24, at noon, it was 87F feels like 91F. Nice breeze coming through the cockpit as Dan and Larry try to tighten the “play” in the wheel, always “Tinker Dan.”

Beach Day!

Friday, September 25, we had visitors this morning! Julie Miller and her husband Will are in the Navy, stationed at Pearl Harbor. We’ve known Julie’s parents for decades through sailboat racing Thistles. They were kind enough allow us to ship boat parts to their house. Julie brought us beautiful Hawaiian Leis!

The rest of the Dan and Larry installed our new D400 wind generator that was shipped to Julie.

Saturday September 26, more boat chores. Dan put the Code sail back on its own halyard. Then along with Larry they washed all the exterior teak, prepping it to seal.

*Sourdough Notes*- my first bake this morning! Sourdough Scones made with starter discard, they were so good! Also baked M & M’s cookies.


A few days ago we met Yana and Joey who own the Chart House Waikiki restaurant. Real nice people! Today the restaurant was selling “meal kits” and bottles of wine at half price. On the menu was Rack of Lamb, fresh baked Baguettes and Arugula with a Mango White Balsamic dressing. We purchased two meals for the three of us. Dinner tonight, with mashed potatoes.

14 thoughts on “Leis to Lambs

  1. Looks like you are settling into Hawaii quite well! Some boat chores, beach relaxation, delicious food with beautiful sunsets, could get pretty use to island life!


  2. You make more complete dishes on your boat than I make at my own house. I’m sure Paul is very jealous. I’m just not a fan of making dinners. LOL


  3. YAY! SOURDOUGH SUCCESS!!! Enjoy your time at those beautiful beaches!! You all look great and happy!


    1. Well I wouldn’t have purchased it in store, it was part of a “ meal kit” we purchase from a restaurant, didn’t know the menu ahead of time.


  4. So What do you think of the Semco now?

    Was it easier to prep than the varnish?

    Yeah for the new wind generator!


    1. Regarding the Semco, compared to all other products available we like it, it’s not a perfect solution, not sure there is anything better. Definitely easier than varnish maintenance, last longer than teak oil. At first we thought the wood was going gray, we washed it then reapplied the sealer looks great! Yes! yeah for wind generator!


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