“I Like Bread”

Sunday September 27,

*Sourdough Notes*- Two loaves baked this morning, success!

For lunch we had ham and cheese sandwiches on sourdough bread! After lunch we went for a walk down the canal, then picked up Biki rental bikes and rode around for a bit.

Monday September 28,

*Sourdough Notes*- baked ham and cheese biscuits for breakfast using sourdough discard.

Watched people surfing this morning, it’s amazing how many were out there, today and everyday.

Boat project afternoon. Greased the shroud fittings, washed the fenders, polished up the stainless steel.

For dinner we picked up a Bento Box of Garlic Shrimp for $5.00 each from a street side market.

Early evening today we rented a car, time to see more of Oahu!

2 thoughts on ““I Like Bread”

  1. Marlene, your sourdough bread looks very professionally baked!! Kudos!! And on a sailboat yet!!! Pictures, again, are great!! Enjoy!!
    Carol and Gary


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