A Day to Remember

Tuesday September 29,

“December 7th, 1941 — a date which will live in infamy” President Franklin Roosevelt, December 8, 1941.

The USS Arizona Memorial

In normal times 4500 people per day visit the Arizona, ferries run every 30 minutes to the site. There were 5 including us on the 11:30am ferry, the day before, 50 people total visited.

After lunch we met up with Julie and Will at their house. They took us on a trail hike to see the Lanikai Pillbox also known as the Ka’iwa Ridge Trail. It’s an intermediate level trail hike, steep, dirt and rocky. Elevation 565ft, 2.5 miles out and back.

After the hike, we walked the beach, then headed back to their house where Will made a delicious Paella for dinner.

6 thoughts on “A Day to Remember

  1. Dan and Marlene,

    First, Thanks for the great photos of Arizona underwater. Obviously with a polarizing filter to my eye.

    Second, Make sure you go to the Punchbowl military Cemetery. They have some great murals of all the battles in the Pacific (and a few others). We went there and it is the only place you will ever See Wakde island brightly shown on a map (just off North coast of papa New Guinea). My dad was there in WWI. Google maps has it, but just barely. Last time I looked at Google, harder to find as they renamed it, likely to local name).

    Anyway great murals tell the story well of WWII in the pacific. Don’t miss it. Up the hill from Honolulu. See attached photo



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