Variety Days

Wednesday September 30, shopping day, Best Buy, Home Depot, Costco, Hardware store, West Marine, diner outside at Tropics, baked banana bread with sourdough starter. After I think I’ve perfected a banana bread recipe, I tried a new one using sourdough starter, oh boy not sure which one is better!


Thursday October 1, more sightseeing.

Larry, (who is an USAF Lt. Col. retired) took us on base at Bellows Air Force Station as well as Kaneohe Bay Marine Corp base.

We also stopped to see the Chinaman’s hat.

Then to the punch bowl, National Cemetery of the Pacific, a memorial to those who served in the armed forces. It is a volcanic crater’s with beautiful tree lined roads and is meticulously landscaped. The Hawaiian name is Puowaina, which translated as “Hill of Sacrifice”. (Hawaiians used to offer human sacrifices there.) The memorial has a small chapel and tributes to the various battles fought in the Pacific depicted in beautiful mosaic pictures. Etched on the marble walls along the stairs are the names of those who’s bodies were not recovered from the Pacific theater.

For dinner, we stopped at a grocery store picked up some salmon. I baked it with a honey, soy sauce mixture, served with roasted potatoes and green beans.

6 thoughts on “Variety Days

  1. Hi Dan. I just want to thank you for your posts. While we are dealing with so much anxiety here it is a real pleasure to read them, especially as I’m from the west coast before moving to New Jersey, I followed your travels there with great interest.
    all the very best
    Lisa (Seton Hall University – you were our long time CAS rep)


    1. Thanks Lisa! Real good to hear from you. My wife Marlene is doing most of the blog work. I hope we can continue without too many COVID restrictions.


  2. So much history you are able to see and reflect! Thank you for sharing it all. And we hope you can continue without COVID restrictions as well. Life is quite interesting right now!! All the best to you!!

    Carol and Gary


    1. Thanks guys, lots of places are closed here, including several popular tourist spots like the Dole plantation and Diamond head as well as several others. Hopefully we’ll get to see them before we leave Hawaii.


  3. Did Larry eat the Green Beans ???

    It’s great you can spend so much time there. Is the Polynesian Village open on the North coast? Another great Tourist attraction, though there are very few tourist there now.

    Are you planning Kauai? Visit the Smith Family Luau, if it’s open.


    1. Yes Larry are the beans, as well as the red peppers, onions and peas that were in the Paella.

      The Polynesian Village and the Smith Family are both COVID closed.


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