Honolulu Week 4

Thursday October 15, we rode Biki bikes about an hour today, went the other direction towards Diamond Head. (which is still COVID closed).

Friday October 16, laundry day!

Saturday October 17, last week we met this couple Mark and Beth, her daughter Abby, who are in the process of purchasing a sailboat that is here in the marina a few boats away from ours. This afternoon we took them for a sail on our boat. The winds were light to moderate, fun afternoon.

Sunday October 18, our friends Joey and Yana invited us to a private brunch and Facebook live event at their restaurant The Chart House Waikiki. Featuring Dean and Dean, they’ve played there for many years. We brought Julie and Will with us as we had planned to go out sailing with them in the afternoon.

Monday October 19, *Sourdough Notes* new English muffins started today, different recipe hopefully these will be better. They will be ready to bake tomorrow. Also preparing for another Belle loaf, levain started, mix later this evening.

Tuesday October 20, *Sourdough Notes* English muffin success and Belle loaf #7 is pretty amazing too!

Wednesday October 21, Happy Birthday Danielle!

Gilligan’s SS Minnow was in this harbor!

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