More Honolulu

Thursday October 22, We had a professional marine mechanic on the boat today to clean the oil heat exchanger which cools the engine’s oil. This job looked difficult for Dan to perform, plus a few specialized tools are needed. This cleaning helps ensure the engine temperature remains in the correct operation range, and all went well!

Friday October 23, boat cleaning, the chain locker. This area tends to get really dirty. Dan washed it down with vinegar til we ran out. We took a walk to Sams Club to purchase more vinegar and a few other items. It’s hard to walk into those club stores and come out with only one item!

In the chain locker, there is a wedge shape board of marine plastic plywood the chain slides down. It is used to direct the anchor chain to the deep part of the compartment. We cut the long side about 2 inches more narrow as to make the wedge go further forward.

Saturday October 24, *Sourdough Notes* I baked a loaf shape of sourdough bread, pretty tasty. The recipe came from one our followers, friend and fellow thistle sailor Jack Mahaney.

Also here in the harbor is the s/v Hazana. It is the actual boat the true story movie Adrift was about.

Sunday October 25, beach day.

Monday October 26,*Sourdough Notes* baking day, Pain aux Urbain loaf.

Tuesday October 27, *Sourdough Notes* I baked a pumpkin sourdough bread loaf, added mini chocolate chips to the batter. With the left over pumpkin purée, I made pumpkin scones.

Wednesday October 28, the family is growing! Our son Luke proposed to Mecca and she said YES! We’ll add a wonderful daughter-in-law and 3 beautiful granddaughters! Couldn’t be more excited for them!

*Sourdough Notes* baked another Belle loaf this morning, this one rose higher than the others.

Six interesting Hawaii facts, 1, always on Hawaii standard time, so Sunday when the clocks get turned back an hour, we will be 5 hours behind East coast time. 2, Surfing was invented here. 3, Billboards are outlawed. 4, There are 12 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet. 5, You can mail a real coconut, not in box but, as is. 6, There are no snakes in Hawaii.

Thursday October 29, Dan’s US Coast Guard Captains License, 6-pack, is up for renewal soon. We spent a lot of time going over our journey, recording the days sailed. He also took a Biki to get a drug test, and Homeland Security TCA background type check. Dan also received a physical from our new friend, Beth who is a licensed medical professional in Hawaii, Beth and Mark came over for dinner, we ordered pizza.

Friday October 30, for two days this week the marina parking lot was partially closed due to the TV show, Magnum P.I. filming on the beach. We walked over to watch for a while.

Saturday October 31, Yana and Joey invited us for a sail on their catamaran sailboat, HOKULEA. There were 7 of us on the cruise. The girls had the best seats on the trampoline with champagne, the guys were in the cockpit.

Sunday November 1, continued cleaning out deep compartments in the boat, alternating using vinegar and Mr. Clean.

Monday November 2, laundry day.

8 thoughts on “More Honolulu

  1. Are you on your boat when you are taking all these beautiful sunset pictures or is your boat in the pics? There are so many board it is hard to tell.


  2. There are a lot of boats in the marina. Where are all the people? Any get-togethers with a big group? Did the fuel injectors arrive?


    1. Almost all the boats in the marina belong to people who live here. Hawaii is not very “cruiser friendly”. No big group get togethers. As of today, 11/11 no fuel injectors yet.


  3. You are making me jealous again! Heard Hawaii is allowing tourists without Quarantine! Any visitors coming?


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