Hanging in Paradise

Tuesday November 3, Election Day in America! We voted absentee ballot, having them mailed to us here in Hawaii. Mine took 14 calendar days to arrive, and 10 days to go back. It was recorded as received on November 4. Not sure if it will even be counted. Pennsylvania had said they would count votes received up to three days past Election Day if it was postmarked by November 3, but a law suit was filed contesting that.

Wednesday November 4, honestly the day was spent flipping between CNN and Fox News watching the election count coverage. We are unable to get local stations, so we streamed using Apps on our phones.

Sourdough pizza for dinner, this was by far the best pizza crust recipe I’ve made.

Thursday November 5, *Sourdough Notes* 2 Belle loaves baked today, taking them to a dinner party at Yana and Joey’s. Outdoor poolside dining, with Greek food and Ouzo, oh and Greek dancing!

Friday November 6, girls day shopping. Yana invited me to join her and her girlfriends to a private event held at the boutique Trina Turk, in the International Market Place. The store was open to only us! We had champagne and macaroons. Everything in the shop was 30% off, plus we received a free candle!

Saturday November 7, was spent investigating boat insurance and applying for quotes. We currently have Pantaenius, it is due for renewal soon, comparing different companies and coverage.

Sunday November 8, after watching the Bills football game, we went shopping for a few items. We took Mark and Beth to Costco, they were interested in getting a wagon like ours after they had borrowed it. We also went to Home Depot.

Monday November 9, *Sourdough Notes* Two Belle loaves baked today. One I baked in a loaf pan, Dan likes that bread shape better.

2 thoughts on “Hanging in Paradise

  1. Every vote counts, thanks for sending it back, PA was an important battleground state!
    Your sourdough breads looks amazing!
    Glad you have connected with a fun group of people.


    1. It was important to vote! I’ve never made bread before, I marvel at the success I’ve had baking on a boat! Yes, our Hawaii friends are really nice, it has been great the time we’ve spent together.


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