Two weeks of Paradise

Tuesday November 10, *Sourdough Notes* today’s bake Pomegranate scones, so good!

Before dinner we walked 4.6 miles around Waikiki.

Wednesday November 11, dinner at Yana and Joeys, they wanted us to meet their friends Frank and MaryGrace who may also go to French Polynesia. They own the catamaran HH55 Ticket to Ride.

Thursday November 12, Dan performed sewing machine maintenance, with a video we received from Sailrite. An adjustment was made to the pressure foot alignment.

Friday November 13, pancakes with blueberries and pomegranates for breakfast, so good!

Today is survey day. We are in the market for new boat insurance, our policy expires on December 1. As with most if not all new policies, a boat survey is required, similar to an inspection done when buying a house. Four hours later, the survey was completed. We also had a diver come and inspect the hull. That was a better option than to hauling the boat out of the water.

Saturday November 14, Facebook live from the Chart House Waikiki featuring Tito and Kimo.

Our friend Joey Cabell, born in Hawaii, became the most iconic surfer in America during the 1960’s. Joey developed new boards and a completely distinct riding style that would begin the next evolution of surfing. In the 60’s he was the finest all-around surfer in the world. With his power and precision, he was one of the first to successfully navigate hollow tube wave sections. In the early 70’s Joey had fallen in love with slopes of Aspen, Colorado, opening the first Chart House restaurant there.

Sunday November 15, football day in Hawaii starting at 8am.

Monday November 16, *Sourdough Notes* Today’s bake, 2 Pain au Belle loaves with seed inclusion. 37g Flax/Chia mix (soaked), 8g Fennel, 51g raw mix of Pumpkin, Sunflower and Watermelon seeds, 24g Toasted Sesame Seeds. One was baked in a loaf pan.

For dinner we grilled peppered steaks, served with sautéed vegetables and a 2017 Joel Gott Cabernet Sauvignon.

Tuesday November 17, today we did a 5 mile walk, around a few parks, then stopped at Whole Foods for lunch and free WiFi. My phone was finally backed up, updated and download installed. Our destination was the FedEx store to scan Dan’s documents for his USCG captains license renewal.

Wednesday November 18, first thing in the morning, Dan helped Joey move his sailboat to a different marina where they were hauling it out to paint the bottom.

Dan wanted to install on the navigation panel a wind direction/speed meter. This involved cutting the hole bigger. We duct taped a plastic bag to the back to help collect the sawdust. This made the clean up much easier. Later it was laundry day again.

For dinner I made pasta Primavera.

Thursday November 19, must have been a lazy day, I have no notes just the sunset.

Friday November 20, provisioning day. With a borrowed car, we went to West Maine, to purchase a new EPIRB. We received permission to enter French Polynesia and we’ll be sailing again soon! As a result, we updated our EPIRB, since the existing EPIRB’s battery is expired now. What is an EPIRB you ask? An Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon or EPIRB is used to alert search and rescue services in the event of an emergency. It does this by transmitting a coded message to the multinational Cospas Sarsat satellite network. There you go!

We also shopped at Lowe’s, Costco, Whole Foods, Walmart, and Safeway. An exhausting evening for sure.

Saturday November 21, *Sourdough Notes* today’s bake, 2 Pain Aux Urbain loaves. Late morning till early evening, we helped Mark and Beth with projects on their new boat. Dan assisted in identifying the extensive sail inventory. I helped Beth measure numerous old stainless cables that were once used as the standing rigging. They are replacing the rigging that is currently on the boat. Measuring old cables was a check on what they measured compared to existing ones.

6 thoughts on “Two weeks of Paradise

  1. Always fun to read your blogs! Sounds like the EPIRB is an absolute necessity! Marlene, you should write a sourdough cookbook!! Seems as though you have it down pat and are very adventuresome in your baking. So happy you made some really cool friends! A surfer dude!!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
    Carol and Gary


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