Sunday November 22, *Sourdough Notes* this morning I baked pomegranate scones for our afternoon sail with friends. Yana brought delicious cupcakes and Jana brought a tasty hummus dip with chips and we had bubbles! (Champagne) Joey, Fieldling and his wife Faye and her friend Chris, also joined us for a windy afternoon sail.

Monday November 23, our last tourist outing in Hawaii. Dan and I ventured to the Dole Plantation. It recently reopened. We did the garden tour and the train ride. And of course we purchased a few pineapples.

Pineapples are a member of the Bromeliad family with over 3000 varieties, given the name because it resembled a pine cone. Earth Star, Urn Plant, Scarlet Star, Flaming Sword, Blushing Bromeliad and the Pink Quill are common varieties.

James Dole arrived in Hawaii in 1899, with Harvard degrees in business and agriculture, he was eager to farm there. The following year he purchased a 61-acres of land in Wahiawa, in central Oahu, where he established the first plantation that would later become an agricultural empire, the Hawaiian Pineapple company. Now known as the Dole Food Company, it is one of the most recognized brands in the world. Realizing the world wide attraction to the fruit, Dole’s first pineapple cannery opened in Wahiawa in 1901. A few years later, the cannery was moved to Honolulu Harbor, closer to labor, shipping ports, and supplies. By 1930’s the cannery was processing over 200,000 tons of pineapples per year. James Dole passed away in 1958 at the age of 80.

Tuesday November 24, last boat project day for awhile. In this storage compartment is the electronics for the wind generator. Some of the components get hot and actually melted a plastic bottle in there. Using plexiglass and 3” cut pieces of PVC pipe and 4” screws, Dan created a protective shield.

Second project was installing a backup bilge pump. The pump sits deep in the bilge, connected to a flexible hose we could run into the cockpit or out a window if needed. There is also an on off switch located on the instrument panel.

On our Sunday sail with friends, Fieldling and Faye brought us some traditional Hawaiian foods. This was our dinner tonight. Vegetable Lau Lau, wrapped in Ti Leaves, Taro leaves, purple sweet potato, carrot, mushroom and string beans. with Fresh Pesto from Maui and Haupia, coconut pudding.

Wednesday November 25, we declined a Thanksgiving dinner invite at our friends as there will be too many people there. I had offered to make sourdough dinner rolls for that dinner, so I made them anyway and brought them over tonight, a small gathering.

Thursday November 26, Happy Thanksgiving! Christmas light up, FaceTime with the kids, 3 loads of laundry, Turkey dinner for 2.

We FaceTimed with these beautiful faces today! Miss them dearly!

In keeping with tradition, wine drinking while Turkey cooking. Poached Turkey breast in chicken broth with wine! Mashed potatoes, stuffing with gravy and roasted Brussels sprouts, butternut squash and red onion drizzled with pomegranate molasses, sourdough milk buns and pumpkin pie of course!

Friday November 27, Goodbye Hawaii!

We left the dock at 10am, stopped at the fuel dock to top off the tank. By 11:30am we were sailing past Diamond Head. Several “land” friends stopped by to see us off, Beth and Mark, Yana and Joey, Faye, MaryGrace, Chris and Corkey. It truly was a pleasure meeting them all!

6 thoughts on “Mahalo

  1. We learn so much from your posts.  Keep them coming.  Great stuff!

    Bon voyage to French Polynesia.  Gil

    PS: I probably said this before,  but you all eat very well. A wonderful thing!


  2. What a wonderful experience you have had with new friends in Hawaii!
    Love you and enjoy the sail to French Polynesia ⛵


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