Sunday January 10, Happy Birthday Mike! We departed Nuku Hiva this morning, went 25 miles south to the island of Ua Pou. This island is the most populated and has the highest mountains in all of the Marquesas. We are anchored by the town of Hakahau. There are three other boats here.

Monday January 11, *Sourdough Notes* baked a Belle loaf this morning, no banana bread, they are all still green.

In the afternoon we walked around the town here, had lunch at a small outdoor seating restaurant, later had pizza for dinner at the other restaurant in town.

Tuesday January 12, went in town early today to go the bakery for breakfast. Walked around some more.

A supply ship arrived today, took all day to unload. A tank truck came by several times to to filled up, a new car came off, bicycles too. Many people arrived today with their own pickup trucks taking boxes and crates from dock.

For dinner I sautéed zucchini with a green pepper, half a red onion, scallions, some chopped cabbage in Wegmans basting oil. Tossed in rice, topped off with diced fresh tomatoes.

7 thoughts on “Hakahau

  1. Another most informative post. The supply ship arrival was quite interesting relative to life style in places like this.

    I continue to enjoy what you cook and bake and how well you eat.

    Best regards, Gil


  2. Have been enjoying your posts, as usual. Interesting about the supply ship! I wonder how long the inhabitants have to wait for their items? We are in Florida for three months and I bring Wegmans basting oil too! It’s a favorite of mine!! Stay well and enjoy!
    Carol and Gary


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